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Diverse Kindergarten

Bilingual Services

Diverse Kids is a center that offers treatment in the primary language that the client speaks. We offer treatment in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Language is central to therapeutic work because it is language that therapists rely on to build alliances, establish rapport, and understand the inner worlds of their clients and themselves. If a client doesn't feel comfortable to speak English the treatment can be negatively impacted. For kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the Language need to be our main goal, knowing that most clients with autism presents an impairment in language.

In one meta-analysis of 76 published and unpublished quantitative studies found that therapy for ethnic-minority clients who received services in their native language was on average twice as effective as therapy in English. It also found that interventions designed for a particular culture are four times more effective than interventions designed for multiple minority groups ( Bailey, D. S. (2007, February). Therapy is twice as effective in clients' native language. Monitor on Psychology, 38(2). 

Our Services

One-to-one intensive intervention

The Diverse Kids offers individualized behavioral therapy based on ABA principles.

We adapt our services to meet the needs of each unique person.

Our ABA treatment program includes but is not limited to:

  • Behavioral Evaluations 

  • Direct 1:1 Therapy 

  • Functional Behavioral Assessments 

  • Behavior Intervention Plans 

  • Parent/Caregiver Training 

  • Life Skills/Social Skills Training 

  • Coordination of care with other therapy services 

  • Community-Based Interventions 

  • Transitioning and Fading Support Services

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Individual and Group Therapy

We can apply ABA principles in many areas to help your child. With our expertise, we can improve your child’s:

  • Social and Play Skills Language and Communication Skills 

  • Self-Management Skills 

  • Daily- living Skills 

  • Personal Care Skills 

  • Pre-Academic or Academic Skills 

  • Reduce Maladaptive Behaviors (i.e. aggression, tantrums, etc)

ABA therapy is widely recognized as the most effective, evidence-based treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but has also been recognized as an effective treatment for children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Behavior Management

As parents and practitioners, we often encounter challenging behavior that needs to be addressed. Typically a functional behavior assessment (FBA) is conducted to determine the function of behavior.  
Functional analysis is a methodology for systematically investigating relationships between problem behavior and environmental events. Its purpose is to identify variables controlling behavior(s) and to generate hypotheses about its function(s) and with all this information we can propose manipulation of antecedents and/or consequences to produce changes in relevant patterns of behavior.

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